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Hey there. I'm Jochen, and I love to gather people in my space to enjoy great meals and build authentic community.Many of us appreciate a co-host when it comes to having people over. And that's what I want to (digitally) offer.For a year, I curated a bimonthly newsletter — the Bearded Chef's Bulletin — that came alongside you to help you invite people into your space, whatever that may look like. Each bulletin included an adaptable recipe for a feasible feast, excellent music to set the vibe, a conversation starter, and some of the best, current internet finds.Maybe you don’t know where to start when it comes to hosting. Maybe you love having people over and are looking for inspiration. Maybe you want to invest in community. Or you just love a good feast.If any of this is true, Bearded Chef’s Bulletin is for you!As of 2024, this project is officially on hold. It was really fun while it lasted and I learned a ton. Who knows — maybe I'll come back to it! In the meantime, please check out the product recommendations linked below.Cheers to community!Jochen, the Bearded Chef

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